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A Little History
Stingray leather is not a brand new material. During the Age of the Samurai, the armor that protected the brave warriors was made with stingray leather. The stingray hide is so durable that it is impenetrable by a sword's blade and worked great when the samurai's opponents primarily fought with honor and the sword. The Samurai's sword handles were wrapped with the stingray leather. The natural texture of the stingray leather gave the master swordsman a reliable grip on his sword. When gunpowder was introduced, the stingray leather lost its primary purpose as protective clothing.

During the Art Deco period of the 1920's stingray leather was at a fashionable peak. Stingray was used to cover everything from furniture to jewelry boxes. Furniture designers today are resurrecting this practice and including stingray leather as a material of choice. Today stingray leather has evolved into a new application. You can now buy stingray skin to be a part of your daily wardrobe as a beautiful stingray leather handbag, purse, wallet, belt or money clip.

With the concerns about animal rights, stingrays are not on the endangered species list, and are very abundant. The stingrays are not just killed for their skin. Stingray is a delicacy in several Asian countries and the stingray skin had been disposed of for many years. In turn, you are helping to cut down the world waste and making better use of what would otherwise be thrown away.

The leather from the stingray is both beautiful and extremely durable. The natural texture of the ray skin gives it an amazing pearly and beaded like surface that looks astounding and has a unique feel. Due to the texture on the stingray hide, it was also used as a fine sand paper.

NOW stingray leather is making a return to the fashion world in a brilliant new way. Even though stingray leather items are not meant to protect you from swinging blades today, it is still a lot more durable than the common leather that is available in common retail stores. With the influence of the high-end boutiques of Milan, Paris, New York, and Beverly Hills, stingray leather is quickly growing into a genuine trendsetter. You have fortunately found the best place to buy the high quality stingray leather items at a more affordable price. Browse through our selection and place your order today.
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Stingray Leather Items' Goal
Stingray leather has become a new fashion statement trend in the world of leather market. Stingray skin brings a touch of class and style to your fashion accessories. The beauty of the stingray hide is highlighted by the bony remnant of the dorsal fin that resembles a cluster of "pearls". Stingray leather creates a new range of possibilities for all your leather accessories. You can buy a leather belt, leather wallet, leather handbag, leather backpack and leather money clip made with stingray leather.

Our stingray leather will endure a much longer life than you have come to expect from the common cow hide leather products. You do not need to worry about moisture damage to the stingray leather accessory, and no special cleaning is required. To clean the stingray leather, simply huff occasionally with a damp cotton cloth to maintain its natural radiance. Stingray skin is also resistant to fire damage.

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